Resilient digital connectivity for leading food distribution firm

Reed Boardall is one of the largest UK temperature controlled distribution businesses delivering and storing frozen food for EU and UK manufacturers.

Based at Bar Lane in Boroughbridge, the company depends on resilient digital connectivity and now has access to premium full fibre services from NYnet.

The project

NYnet was commissioned to replace the current primary leased line circuit with a NYnet full fibre circuit. Reed Boardall require 24/7 connectivity therefore a robust service backed by business level SLAs and premium support  is crucial to guarantee business continuity.

NYnet was an ideal choice because we own our own fibre network, giving us full control of our service levels and quality. The fact that we are not reselling another provider’s services ensures Reed Boardall’s traffic is routed differently from all other ISP traffic and is supported directly from one local source.

As an independent provider, NYnet’s circuits terminate in different parts of the telecoms exchange and use different switches and routers to other providers. This gives a level of resilience that is above and beyond anything that can be offered elsewhere.

Key Challenge

Reed Boardall had experienced service  outages in the past and recognised the importance of having outstanding technical support  with rapid response times.

The scale of the business and fast-moving nature of the industry they operate in requires a solution that will not let them down and which guarantees reliable and high performing connectivity with round the clock technical support.

Our Solution

NYnet’s services have been developed specifically to deliver reliability and resilience, having originally been set up to serve the NHS, blue light services, the education sector and local authorities. We were therefore able to provide exactly what they needed.

Our gigabit capable full fibre network covers Boroughbridge already and we were able to extend the network from our cabinet on Bar Lane Business Park directly into the comms room on Reed Boardall’s site. They now have full fibre with the flexibility to increase bandwidth should they require it.  The NYnet circuit is proactively managed by the technical team at our network operations centre in Harrogate for full peace of mind.

What the client says

“NYnet’s reputation for excellence and reliability speaks for itself through its longstanding relationship with high profile public service customers such as the NHS.

Our digital infrastructure is vital to business continuity and we were delighted when we were told that the Reed Boardall site could enjoy the same robust, premium service as North Yorkshire’s schools and hospitals through NYnet, along with the benefit of having a local support team on call should we need rapid assistance.”

Marcus Boardall, Chief Executive, Reed Boardall

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