A Bright New Era for NYnet: Q&A with CEO Alastair Taylor

Posted on 16th May 2022 in

Why did you decide to launch a new brand?

NYnet has been a longstanding partner of public sector services since we launched the business in 2007 and we have been instrumental in bringing fast fibre broadband and wi-fi to North Yorkshire, even the most remote places. Our infrastructure network and service levels are proven to be reliable and innovative thanks to our work with schools, hospitals, local authorities and other essential services. We are now giving North Yorkshire’s business community an opportunity to connect to the NYnet network. This pivotal moment is an ideal time to modernise our image in line with our bold and exciting future plans.

What is the story behind the new brand?

NYnet’s new logo echoes the infinity sign, incorporating arrows to symbolise continuity of flow and equity of upload and download speeds. Circle quadrants represent connectivity and flexibility. The combination of bold purple and green represent cutting edge technology spanning the largest and most rural county in England. The company’s new website has been designed to communicate NYnet’s individuality, as one of the few local providers to own its network, whilst presenting its services and benefits clearly to both public sector and business customers.  

What sets NYnet apart from other providers in the region?

I’ve already mentioned one difference, which is that we own our network. Over the years we have built infrastructure in the ground, which we manage and maintain locally. This gives us a unique level of control over the service we provide, the flexibility and quality of our broadband packages and the way we support customers. We think local businesses will be reassured by the fact that we serve local blue light services, schools, hospitals and GPs, where robust connectivity is absolutely vital.

Where can businesses connect to NYnet?

Business parks currently connected or due to be connected to NYnet full-fibre include Thirsk Industrial Estate, Snaygill Industrial Estate, Airedale Business Centre, Stokesley Business Park, Colburn Business Park, Thornton Road Business Park, Cardale Park, St James’s Knaresborough, Eastfield Business Park, Leeming Bar Estate, Roecliffe Business Park and Bar Lane and Sherburn Business Park. Businesses in other parts of the county can also contact us if they would like to be connected.

What can businesses expect if they choose NYnet for broadband?

As well as gigabit capable speeds, our full fibre offering gives businesses the flexibility to increase their bandwidth temporarily when they need it. Our team is based locally which means we can respond quickly to requests for extra bandwidth or other service needs. We are used to having to deliver very high service levels to local authority customers so businesses will find that we respond quickly and offer them a premium and very tailored service. They can enjoy the same upload and download speeds and they will get the speed they pay for, which isn’t always the case with other providers.  With NYnet there is no offshoring or third party involvement. We own the network and manage it ourselves so businesses will always be dealing with us.

How can businesses find out more about NYnet broadband services?

Head to our new website where we have a whole section dedicated to our business service. We welcome direct contact from businesses wanting to find out more about what we offer. Email us at enquiries@nynet.co.uk or register your interest

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