Internet of Things (IoT)

We’ve transformed England’s biggest rural county into a smart county through deployment of a LoRaWAN network covering over 85% of the geographical area of North Yorkshire, working in partnership with North Yorkshire Council.

We’ve rolled out over 100 LoRaWAN gateways, on structures including street columns, schools, fire stations and communications masts. The project has continued to deliver further gateways and develop the first off-grid gateway using solar and wind power.

The region’s strategy to become a smart county has seen the integration of smart technologies and applications into the everyday life of North Yorkshire and its residents, covering all aspects of council operations including social care, parking and public health.  Benefits are now being generated from initiatives such as parking, bins and air quality monitoring in schools.

NYnet is now openly exploring private sector partnerships to maximise the network’s impact on the region and explore innovation projects that can be supported by LoRaWAN.

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