Complaints and Compliments Policy

NYnet recognises that from time-to-time things may not always go to plan.

If this happens, NYnet will do all they can to make things right, as quickly as possible, and will use what they have learnt to make sure they improve things for other customers too.

This policy sets out how the customer can raise a complaint with NYnet, outlines how NYnet will work to resolve the complaint and how the customer can escalate things further should they wish to do so.

The customer can access this policy via

Raising a complaint

Complaints should be made via email to, where it will be allocated to a Complaint Resolution Manager.

Customers should provide as much information and context as possible regarding the issue. The Complaint Resolution Manager will investigate the complaint and look to understand the customer’s ideal outcome and where possible will resolve the matter in the first contact.

Where that’s not possible because for example; the complaint requires detailed investigation, specialist knowledge, a site visit or engineering works then the Complaint Resolution Manager will confirm the timescales to the customer, in which it is expected that the complaint will be resolved. NYnet will endeavour to resolve a complaint usually within 5 calendar days (using reasonable endeavours). The Complaint Resolution Manager will agree with the customer how and when contact will be made, and advise what updates can be expected during the management of the complaint.

When NYnet is in a position to propose a resolution to the complaint, the Complaint Resolution Manager will communicate this with the customer in writing. The complaint will remain open for a further 5 calendar days to give the customer time to consider NYnet’s proposal. If the customer is satisfied with the resolution, then this must be communicated to the Complaint Resolution Manager, so that NYnet can take any further required action. If the customer does not make contact within this extended 5 day period, the Complaint Resolution Manager will try to make contact again, and at the end of the extended 5 day period NYnet will take this as confirmation that the customer is satisfied with the information provided and will mark the complaint as resolved.

When it comes to how NYnet resolves complaints, the priority will always be to ensure service is restored or repaired, or put right any service failings as quickly as possible.  NYnet will take in to account the resolution the customer feels would be agreeable and what treatment is felt is appropriate based on the circumstances. NYnet will issue the customer with an apology and where appropriate, other forms of resolution or recompense, which could include a gesture of goodwill or service credit.

Complaint Escalation

There may be instances where the customer wants to escalate their complaint and depending on the nature of the issue, the customer may wish to speak with a Manager. If not immediately available, the member of staff supporting the customer will agree a time for a member of the Senior Management Team to review the case and/or respond to the customer, usually within 2 working days.

If the customer remains unhappy with the progress NYnet is making, or the information provided by the member of the Senior Management Team, the customer can escalate their complaint further to NYnet’s Chief executive, via, who will respond usually within a further 3 working days. Customers must ensure their complaint has followed the above process for raising a complaint in full, before escalating to the Chief Executive.

Escalating the complaint further – Alternative Dispute Resolution

If NYnet is unable to resolve the complaint within 2 months of the initial customer communication (using reasonable endeavours), or it has been agreed in writing before the 10 day point that NYnet and the customer are unable to reach a mutually agreeable outcome (this is known as ‘Deadlock’), then the customer will have the right to refer the Ombudsman Services via, who are approved by Ofcom (the UK communications regulator) to independently handle disputes between customers and communications providers who are signed up to the scheme.

Should a customer of NYnet wish to pursue a case for Alternative Dispute Resolution, they are asked to make a complaint by filling in a complaints form, via

Giving a compliment

NYnet prides itself on ensuring that all areas of the business operate to a high level of customer satisfaction and is always grateful to receive positive customer feedback and expressions of praise concerning a service received.

NYnet recognises that when customers have taken the time to offer a compliment, their contribution should be acknowledged with a response. Information relating to compliments received will be made known to staff where it is relevant to give praise for good work.  All compliments received are collated by NYnet’s Operations Manager and fed back to the Senior Management Team on a quarterly basis.

Customers are welcome to send compliments via email to

Any opportunities identified through customer feedback to further enhance customer satisfaction will follow NYnet’s Change Management and Improvement Procedure.

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