Supporting blue light services in the pandemic

Posted on 5th August 2021 in

New Data Reveals How Fibre Provider Supported Emergency Services in Pandemic

New data has revealed how Yorkshire’s full fibre network provider NYnet has been keeping the region’s emergency services connected during the pandemic.

Figures show that NYnet’s public sector wireless roaming service Govroam was being  accessed by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service approximately 20,000 times per week over the past year.

Adam McPartlan, NYnet’s Govroam Specialist said: “It’s a service that has been critical during the pandemic and is continuing to prove its value, with the latest data showing that Yorkshire Ambulance Service staff connected to Govroam 76,847 times in June this year.”

NYnet has been providing Govroam since 2017 and is currently the UK’s largest provider of this public sector wireless roaming service.

Adam added: “This technology has improved efficiency for the ambulance crews by allowing seamless access to their online resources in addition to delivering savings over mobile connectivity for the Trust.”

The Govroam service helps healthcare workers with stable, high quality connectivity, when they are working between NHS and local authority sites and serves over 40 NHS organisations.

NYnet has been working closely with 142 GP surgeries to support new initiatives, building stronger collaborations between healthcare providers facilitated by Govroam. The roaming service is also supporting improvements in community care, enabling healthcare professionals to access the resources required from any participating Govroam site.

For further Govroam information, please phone NYnet Sales Team on 01423 598210 or email


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