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NYnet is a private limited company, wholly owned by North Yorkshire County Council. NYnet’s goal is to create a surplus for the benefit of the public sector, by using the latest technology to provide cost effective, proven and reliable Public Sector Networks.

NYnet provides Wide Area Networking along with associated telecoms products and services to the public sector.  NYnet caters for the particular service requirements of the public sector through the design, build, deployment and management of network solutions.

For the private and residential sector, NYnet is the delivery agent of Superfast North Yorkshire.  NYnet, on behalf of NYCC is responsible for the development, procurement and delivery of the Superfast North Yorkshire Project bringing Next Generation Access to the whole of North Yorkshire.

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  • Public Consultation- NGA Broadband Coverage in North Yorkshire 2016

    As part of its Broadband Roll-out Programme, SFNY has undertaken an Open Market Review (OMR) between 9 November 2015 and 29 January 2016 to gain an awareness of broadband services in the marketplace. Due to the ever changing nature of technology, suppliers and broadband coverage, it is necessary to run an OMR process to ensure [...]

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  • Open Market Review – NGA Broadband Coverage in North Yorkshire 2015.

    Superfast North Yorkshire (SFNY) would like to request all Broadband service providers in North Yorkshire to take part in an Open Market Review (OMR) to ensure the understanding of existing and planned NGA compliant Broadband coverage (as defined by BDUK) is as accurate as possible. The results of the OMR will assist us with understanding [...]

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  • Consultation on the provision of superfast broadband in North Yorkshire

    SFNY Open Market Review findings regarding the provision of superfast broadband in North Yorkshire have been published on the County Council website  The purpose of the OMR was to find out areas within the county that receive a superfast broadband internet service and who is providing it.  From the responses to the OMR, a [...]

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