The Superfast Broadband Project in North Yorkshire (SFNY) is about to undertake a formal Open Market Review (OMR) with respect to broadband telecommunications provision within North Yorkshire and the City of York.

Phase 1 of the Superfast North Yorkshire (SFNY) project is already underway which should achieve coverage at 25Mbps and above for approximately 86% of the premises in North Yorkshire and the City of York. The Government has indicated its intent to invest further public funds to secure increased coverage of Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband throughout United Kingdom. As such, SFNY expects to be one of the early recipients of this funding, so it can extend coverage as far as possible beyond the 86% referred to above. Any future investment of public funds must take into the account the current (and proposed) provision of broadband services within the North Yorkshire and City of York boundaries.

The OMR results, compiled from the responses provided, will help SFNY decide which areas (defined on a post code basis) require public investment to ensure broadband will become available to the premises therein.

If you are a Broadband service provider and you wish to take part in the OMR process, click on the following link to the YORtender web portal




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