NYnet Limited was established in 2007 by North Yorkshire County Council as a not for profit organisation to aggregate the supply and demand of broadband to create economies of scale for the public sector, whilst also stimulating economic growth for business through the provision of better broadband connectivity.

NYnet operates and manages its own network across North Yorkshire and beyond, providing connectivity services to both the public and private sectors.

As well as NHS organisations, NYnet’s customers also include both County and District Councils, Schools, Fire and Rescue, National Parks along with several private sector companies.

HSCN – Connecting the largest county – North Yorkshire

Prior to HSCN, Nynet were the supplier of the COIN Network for York & Selby PCT (now York CCG) and became involved in the shaping of HSCN through Innopsys. The unique relationship between Nynet and their customers means that as not for profit organisations on all sides there is no need for the usual procurement activities.

Following a series of meetings, all 4 CCG’s – Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby, Harrogate and Rural District, Scarborough & Ryedale and Vale of York and both Harrogate & District and York Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trusts all, selected Nynet as their chosen HSCN supplier in January 2018. One of the earliest sites to migrate was Scarborough Hospital – part of York Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust.

Following successful deployment at Scarborough, HSCN was deployed to over 180 sites within 12 months – the majority of those migrations over a 7-month period.

Having a small team of engineers proved to be an advantage, also with many of the practices being existing customers, relationships and trust were already in place which made GP practice visits and installations run smoothly. Communication was key with Nynet keeping CCG’s and practice managers informed of all the steps involved to facilitate a smooth migration and informing them of any downtime required – the downtime being an average of six minutes. Having the close relationship with the customers allowed Nynet to not only plan the migration but investigate the GP practice’s current bandwidth and improve upon it, ensuring GP practices had improved access to principal clinical systems.

As a result of closer collaboration with all customers and now with CCG’s, Foundation Trusts and Local Authorities all on the same network, organisations are considering how they can improve integration and information sharing in the future. Although HSCN technology is an enabler, it is no longer at the forefront of everyone’s mind, its reliability means that organisations can plan for their future digital journey – knowing it is underpinned by a solid reliable infrastructure. Nynet’s presence across the whole of North Yorkshire means that given any issue or outage, an engineer can be present on site within an hour. One of the more challenging migration activities were surgeries with site to site VPN access between hub and branch sites. These had to be migrated at the same time or consecutively, but with advanced planning and communications Nynet ensured the practices were well prepared and informed and outages were at a minimum.

Future plans include bringing nursing homes on to the same network to facilitate further information sharing across all health and social care settings.

“One of the smoothest technical transitions” – Shaun Macey, Head of Transformation & Delivery, Vale of York CCG.

“HSCN provides a platform which enables services to be developed in rural areas which can be received by citizens that are ordinarily inaccessible to services” – Debbie Westmoreland, Head of Digital, Scarborough & Ryedale CCG.

“Technology is an enabler but it’s not at the forefront of their mind – they know it’s just there” – Alastair Taylor, Nynet.


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