NYnet was established in 2007 by North Yorkshire County Council.  It was the evolution of Adit Yorkshire and Humber, the Government vehicle for aggregating broadband procurement in the Public Sector.  NYnet had several aims, including increasing the availability of affordable broadband across the region for the Public Sector and stimulating economic growth for business through the provision of better broadband connectivity.

NYnet is owned by the Public Sector working for the Public Sector, providing pre-procured best value networking services.   Any surpluses made are used for the benefit of the Public Sector by reinvesting in the latest technologies to provide cost effective, proven and reliable Public Sector networks.

In 2008 NYnet designed its first high bandwidth broadband network around North Yorkshire.  It was a managed solution provided to NYnet by BT Global Services.  Over 500 customer sites were initially migrated onto the network which quickly grew to 750.  NYnet now operates and manages its own high capacity fibre network rather than relying on 3rd party provision.  NYnet has 37 Points of Presence (PoPs) in BT exchanges around the County, all connected by resilient rings of high bandwidth circuits.  This has created an extremely reliable service from which Wide Area Networks (WANs) specific to the needs of each customer can be built.  This has created a network that is currently providing an availability uptime of 99.993% which equates to approximately 35 minutes’ downtime per site on average per year.

The Company and its Customers:

NYnet has delivered WAN connectivity to over 40 customers and in some cases, is contracted to deliver services beyond 2020.  By delivering a business class service, NYnet meets all the Service Levels and technical requirements of both the Public and Private Sectors.  NYnet manages the WAN using industry leading tools to proactively monitor its performance.  The WAN is supported using NYnet’s in-house, Yorkshire based team of engineers who handle all 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support.

NYnet also offers a suite of complimentary services accessible via it’s WAN, including; internet provision, GCN and HSCN connection, data centre and disaster recovery.

NYnet’s products and services are pre-procured through Regulation 12 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, which allows the public sector to buy from NYnet without going through the normal time consuming and expensive procurement process as a result of NYnet’s public sector ownership.

NYnet is the delivery agent of Superfast North Yorkshire.  NYnet, on behalf of NYCC is responsible for the development, procurement and delivery of the Superfast North Yorkshire Project bringing Next Generation Access to the whole of North Yorkshire.