Business Opportunities for Service Providers

NYnet represents one of Europe’s largest public sector led, open access, broadband infrastructure initiatives to overcome the issue of rural/coastal disadvantage in terms of broadband and connectivity. This carrier class core and access network offers an exciting proposition for service providers wishing to make an early impact on the expanding markets opened up by next generation broadband services.

NYnet has created a backhaul infrastructure to 47 points of presence in North Yorkshire using aggregated public sector demand. NYnet will price this DWDM backhaul capacity to minimise impact of distance. This will stimulate the provision of advanced ‘next generation’ services to the public and private sector.

The end-to-end architecture incorporates quality of service, resilient core and cost effective wholesale access. NYnet will also offer tiered service level agreements to service providers, with guarantees on bandwidth, quality of service and latency, plus other key service parameters. For more information please contact NYnet at

Business Opportunities for Local Channel Partners

Due to the high-speed network servicing 47 points of presence (PoPs) in major telephone exchanges around North Yorkshire, there is an opportunity for NYnet to work with local IT integration and support companies to wholesale the high speed NYnet connection to businesses. These companies will become accredited NYnet Channel Partners. The Channel Partner is now able to offer high speed connections to clients but also offer next generation services such as VOIP, Cloud Computing and Remote Access Systems previously unavailable without the resilient, high speed, symmetrical connection from NYnet. This will create an opportunity to deliver true business to business services to the underserved SMEs in North Yorkshire.

NYnet is keen to work in partnership with owners and landlords of business parks and managed workspaces. This provides a cost effective way for a fibre connection to be brought into the park and be distributed out amongst the tenants businesses. The business park /managed workspace owners will benefit by having a USP to attract new tenants, but to also retain current tenants as offering quality business broadband is seen as a must have for businesses. It also gives the owners opportunity to increase ground rent charges by offering the broadband as part of the service cost.

If you are:

  • An IT integration or provider company;
  • Telecommunications provider company;
  • Business Park owner/landloard

And are interested in becoming an approved NYnet Channel Partner please complete the following documents and email them to

Superfast North Yorkshire

Please refer to  for details.

Video: Make NYnet Part Of The Plan