Under State Aid legislation NYnet is not allowed to supply broadband connections direct to residents or businesses. However, to utilise the network to support businesses across the North Yorkshire region NYnet reaches the market in 2 ways:

  • Service Providers – who use NYnet to extend their network reach to their customers.
  • Channel Partners – who sell NYnet private sector products direct to the end user.

Superfast North Yorkshire

The next step in the broadband development of North Yorkshire, is the commitment by NYCC to provide all small businesses and citizen’s of North Yorkshire with high speed broadband by 2017.  This will be achieved through funding from Broadband Delivery United Kingdom (BDUK) and match funding through the European Regional Development Fund.  An extensive public procurement process has been completed and a contract awarded to BT.  A period of detailed planning will now take place and a portal will be set up to inform businesses of when and where the rollout will take place. For updates on the SFNY project, please visit the official portal www.superfastnorthyorkshire.com or http://www.northyorks.gov.uk/broadband or if you any questions please email nysfbb.queries@bt.com.

Information for Business Users

Businesses in North Yorkshire are disadvantaged in terms of using the knowledge economy to compete. This is due to the difficulties with access to quality high speed broadband and digital services to conduct e-business compared to urban areas. If you are:

  • unhappy with your current ADSL service;
  • A creative or digital company;
  • A business park that provides tenants with telecommunications services;
  • A company of 10+ employees that need broadband for daily operation;

If you are any of the above, to take advantage of the high speed connections, you need to contact one of the approved Channel Partners listed below or contact NYnet at enquiries@nynet.co.uk. To view the current list and summary of services click here or visit the company’s websites.

Channel Partners/Service Providers

  • Save9 Limited
  • Virgin Media Limited
  • Care Micro Limited
  • Boundless Networks Limited
  • Crymatics Limited
  • Sycamore Business Park
  • Woodend (Creative Industries Centre Trust Limited)
  • Newby Hall Estate
  • Selcom Systems Limited
  • Waingates Limited
  • Verus Solutions Limited
  • Quiet PC Limited
  • The Bay Broadband Co-operative Limited
  • Linbrooke Services Limited
  • Moorsweb
  • Darley Properties Limited

Is Your Broadband Connection Costing You More Than Just Money?

This is the question that NYnet is asking owners and landlords of business parks and managed workspaces across North Yorkshire. You may have heard about the high capacity, resilient and cost effective fibre network which NYnet and NYCC initiated to alleviate the problems the public sector were experiencing in terms of connectivity. This network is now available to business parks and managed workspace through collaboration with the owners, landlords and IT providers of parks and workspaces.

Some local channel partners already working with NYnet have been able to offer clients numerous benefits which help them to be more efficient and cost effective. Services such as:

  • VoIP – extremely low call costs and zero telephone line rental.
  • Disaster recovery – remote offsite backups are now a reality because of the fast upload speed that fibre provides.
  • Hosted Applications – fast Internet speeds means fast access to application servers off-site.
  • Faster downloads/uploads – fibre networks are light years ahead of copper based networks.
  • Remote Access – remotely connecting to the office from home or from a customer/supplier site can be a painfully slow experience on ADSL.
  • Video Conferencing – ‘blue sky’ for most organisations up until now. The practical and commercial benefits for reducing travel costs and the time taken to get together (without losing the undisputed value of a face-to-face meeting) is within easy reach.

Download a case study:

NYnet Connected Parks – Smart Parks

Are you a business looking to relocate to premises that provide high speed and reliable broadband?  If so see the Smart Park page for details of local business parks connected to the NYnet network offering fibre services.

Scarborough Business Park

To see how NYnet is getting involved with economic development in Scarborough, click on the following link Scarborough Business Park.