Stakeholder Partners

NYnet, is the economic development organisation established by North Yorkshire County Council in conjunction with Yorkshire Forward and Government Office-Yorkshire and Humber Region.

A Special Purpose Vehicle (NYnet) has been established by the public sector stakeholders to manage and monitor the network. NYnet will contract with the leading technology partner to deliver the broadband infrastructure, operational support and billing capability to create the North Yorkshire broadband platform.

European Regional Development Fund

ERDF LogoThe European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) was set up in 1975 to stimulate economic development in less prosperous regions of the European Union (EU).

As EU membership has grown, ERDF has developed into a major instrument for helping to redress regional imbalances. The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) manages ERDF in England.

England has nine regions designated as Objective 1 or Objective 2, and has £3.4 billion to help projects which improve these regions


North Yorkshire County Council

North Yorkshire County CouncilA successful North Yorkshire economy is an important objective for the County Council. A top priority is the promotion of a successful North Yorkshire economy and infrastructure so that businesses of all sizes can flourish to provide job opportunities for everyone. The Council offers a range of services and support to business – from delivery of European grants and funding schemes to giving advice and assistance on Trading Standards laws. North Yorkshire County Council’s (NYCC) Economic Development Unit (EDU) is working closely with Business Link York and North Yorkshire (BLYNY) to give assistance and advice on most aspects of business to Small Medium Enterprises (SME) located throughout North Yorkshire, enabling them to improve their growth prospects.

Our Service Partners


NYnet has appointed BT Global Services as preferred supplier in the procurement of a Next Generation Broadband Network (NGN) for the largest county in the UK.

Working in partnership, BT Global Services will assist NYnet in providing next generation digital services throughout the sub-region. A very high speed fibre-optic network will link a number of ‘Points of Presence’ across North Yorkshire, allowing Service Providers to offer affordable access to a wide range of internet-based data, image and voice services. This network will provide rapid deployment of better public services and improved access for service providers.


Cisco networking technology is at the heart of the NYnet next generation telecommunications platform. BT Global Services worked in concert with Cisco designers to build an optically switched North Yorkshire-wide network, which offers state-of-the-art levels of capacity and scalability. Cisco’s product portfolio is however not limited to simple connectivity. They also offer infrastructure that supports high value, mission critical applications such as unified messaging, storage area networks and data centre management. Cisco are working alongside BT Global Services and NYnet to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of these capabilities within the public sector in North Yorkshire.

York Data Services

York Data Services is one of Yorkshire’s leading business ISP’s, committed to offering innovative Internet and telecommunication solutions. Our entire service, from Internet connection through to the final configurations, has been designed with flexibility in mind. Our vast experience means that we can offer you the solutions you need to keep your company connected.

By working with NYnet as their network partner and connecting our networks we have expanded our coverage to over 137 locations regionally and nationally, which enables reliable and fast connectivity to businesses across the entire North Yorkshire region and beyond. Also YDS work with NYnet’s Regional Service Providers.

Boundless Networks

Specialising in wireless technology, our technicians have particular expertise in providing ‘Wide Area Networks’ that are used to bring broadband internet access to rural and often quite remote communities. As one of the largest rural wireless broadband providers in the region, we manage networks in North, East and West Yorkshire as well as North Lincolnshire and now Boundless Networks are building a large number of Next Generation Broadband Networks. Check our website for the latest details: